Accumulated Assets Withdrawal

The Fund Member is entitled to withdraw and dispose of accumulated assets upon turning 58 years of age.

Exceptionally, the right to withdrawal and disposal of accumulated assets can be exercised before reaching the age of 58 in the event of permanent incapacity to work as defined by the rulebook of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

The withdrawal and disposal of accumulated assets by the Fund Member must begin by the age of 70 at the latest.

Accumulated assets may be withdrawn by the following options:

  • one-off disbursement - 30% amount can be withdrawn by one-off disbursement, rest of amount can be withdrawn by scheduled disbursement,
  • programmed disbursement (member shall define the amount and dynamic of  frequency),
  • purchase of annuities in insurance company,
  • combination of the above specified options.

Note: Persons who have concluded contracts for membership, or persons who have concluded agreements on pension plan until the date of entry into force of the amendments to the Law on Voluntary Pension Funds and Pension Schemes are delivered right to withdraw and use the accumulated funds to the age of 53 years life and can withdraw lump sum payment of up to 100% of accumulated funds, while the person whose membership began after the entry into force of this Act the right to arrive at the age of 58 years and the lump-sum payment can withdraw up to 30% of the accumulated funds.