This has enabled citizens who want additional security in their old age to pay contributions to voluntary pension funds, either on their own or through their employers, and save money for their retirement.

Generali Voluntary Pension Fund Management Company was established by Generali OSIGURANJE, one of the leaders on the Serbian insurance market and a joint-stock company of Delta Holding and Generali Group. With a 180-year long tradition, Generali Group is one of the leading insurance companies in the world, operating in five continents and 68 countries, and employing around 85,000 people. In 2010, Generali Group had over 73 billion euros in insurance premiums (

The operating principles of voluntary pension funds are different from those of insurance companies in the field of life insurance.

In insurance companies, the contributions that the insured pays towards the life insurance premium are not separated from the assets of those companies. In a voluntary pension fund, however, the assets of the fund are completely separate from the assets of the management company and are the exclusive property of the fund members, in proportion to their contributions. Consequently, the members of the fund can monitor the value of their contribution on daily basis, and the entire generated revenue is ascribed to the individual members of the fund

The establishment of the Voluntary Pension Fund Management Company marks the start of operation of the first voluntary pension fund in Serbia. We believe that Generali Voluntary Pension Fund will contribute greatly to the pension reforms in Serbia, in the interest of the country and its citizens.

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