Portfolio manager

Darko Marković, portfolio manager in voluntary pension fund Management Company Generali

In August 2011, he started his professional career in financial sector in companies Generali Osiguranje and Voluntary fund Management Company Generali.

He was responsible for monitoring of financial risks, development of model for managing and measuring of market risk (Value at Risk), calculations and simulation of various scenarios and stress tests on portfolios, benchmarking, securities valuation and implementation of other analysis of financial markets suitable for investment and assessment of financial risks. Since February 2013, he was assigned in Generali Reosiguranje Company for identification, VaR model development and measures of negative effect of financial risks.

In period 2010–2011 he was engaged on maintenance of exercise in summer semester at Faculty of Economics in Belgrade on courses Economics of Enterprise and International Economy. He was engaged on International Economy course also in summer semester in year 2012.

He holds the title of Portfolio Manager since September 2014.

He gain a Portfolio Manager license issued by the Securities Commission of Serbia Republic, and he also CFA level II candidate and FRM level II candidate organized by GARP Institution.

He was born in Pozarevac in 1985, he graduated in Belgrade at the Belgrade's Faculty of Economics, on which he enrolled master study on International Masters of Quantitative Finance (IMQF). As author/coauthor he published couple articles in field of economics in domestic publications.